Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Reny Comes Back to Visit

Reny and Joachim (we call him "Kim") came back from Sweden to visit. Reny is one of Tika's best friends. We took them both out to see our house, and Tika and Reny have had a good time going to the salon, shopping, and just hanging out. They (Reny and Kim) are planning on getting married, so they are back getting all the paperwork they need. It is nice to have them around again.

In other news, we went to Kayla's open house last night. Sue, Kayla's teacher, had a real nice presentation planned for us all, and showed us photos, and explained what the kids do everyday for three hours. I don't know how she handles 16 three year olds, but sounds like Kayla is in a great program, and is learning a great deal. Kayla is handling school really well. She doesn't cry anymore when we drop her off, and she has made some new friends, and seems to really love school. We couldn't be happier.

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