Thursday, May 31, 2007

Walls and Columns

The walls have started to go up on the bottom floor giving us a better idea of where the rooms start and end, and they are putting up the support columns upstairs. The cement in the pool has all been laid, and they are starting on the foundation for the gazebo that will be built by the pool. Tika and I have been shopping for trees and plants that we want to get planted in the yard so they have a chance to grow in the next year.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graduation 2007

Don't give up on me and my blog. I know it has been awhile since I is that time of year. Ok, here it the update....

Graduation was last Friday night. Because of security reasons, graduation was held in the gym. An amazing transformation was done to convert the gym into the venue....the school rented about 50 air conditioner units that kept the room cool, and there were over a thousand seats for the parent's and families of our largest class since 1997. It was a pretty amazing event. The girls pictured above are the Brady twins, Sonia and Rachel. They are amazing kids. I taught them both, and they received numerous awards for academics and athletics....just an example of the amazing kids we have here at this school.

I played a round of golf with 11 other guys this past Saturday at Pantai Kapuk which was the course used for the Indonesian Open this year. It was the first time any of us had played the course. I was having the round of my life until the 14th hole. My drive went about 20 feet into some bushes next to the water....I then stupidly tried to hit my ball out of the brush, it landed about 5 feet forward still in the hazard. I then took a drop, hit it in the fairway...I now lie 4. My 5th shot landed in the bunker right of the green. Two shots to get out of the on the green in 7....then a two putt for a nine. I birdied the next hole (par three) which put me back into the game, but then on the second to last hole, I had a three foot putt for bogie, and about frustration. I was livid with myself. So much for a great round of golf.

The house is coming along....walls are going up now. Looks pretty much the same but with walls. We now can see how large our master bedroom bathroom will is as big as most people's master bedroom....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Update

I know how Dad feels about finding photos for daily blog entries. I haven't taken a photo all weekend long....something feels missing. This black n' white of Kayla will have to do.

Lets see....Friday night was the Prom. My friend, Gene Magill was in charge. He had the upper gym set up in the James Bond 007 theme. The downstairs gym was converted into a large casino where kids could gamble for raffle tickets. I, along with a bunch of other teachers, all dressed in black pants, red bow ties, and red cumber buns and were the dealers at the tables. I dealt blackjack. The kids had a was one of the best proms I have ever attended.

Saturday was pretty much a waste. I took Kayla to the zoo in the morning, and then Tika and I went to see a movie in the afternoon. It rained most of the day.

Sunday was golf. I was having a great round, and on my way to shooting a 40 on the front nine, but 4-putted a 4-foot par putt....well, that destroyed my round, and all went down hill from there with a 7 on a par three (two water shots), and several other water shots.....I ended up with a 97. Ouch. I hope to play better next week.

Monday....well, it was a Monday.....

Today? Pretty much the same as above...just the day after a Monday.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Picnic Lunch at the Building Site

The Chamberlains wanted to see our house since the last time they were there, the old house was still there. They decided to have a picnic lunch at the site, so the kids ran around and had a great time, and Scott and I climbed up to the second floor to have a closer look at the house.

We had yesterday off, but had to work today. Bummer.....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

JT-7 Evening

We had a holiday today, so we decided it would be a good day to meet and see the video Rob had made from our Cambodia trip (Jamie Trip). Rob did another outstanding job with the video. He had scenes we didn't even know he had filmed, and some scenes had us all laughing on the floor....guess you had to be there.

Last night, we had poker night over at Tom Schulz's house. Tom really raked us all over the coals winning a heap of money, but I managed to squeeze out a small profit in the end making the night a success.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Entrance Under Construction

As promised, here is an update on the house. The second floor now has a concrete floor, and the pool has had concrete laid down as well. This week, they have been working on the front entrance, and more work on the pool. Tika has been out buying trees and other plants for her garden that she is designing. The house is getting to the stage where it is is cool because you can make out the shape of the house, and get more of a picture of what it is going to be like. Very exciting.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monkying Around

Yesterday, we were awaken by some drums outside. Tika and I crawled out of bed to find Kayla and some neighborhood kids outside watching a performing monkey. Not something you see everyday outside of your house.

This morning, we were awaken by the neighborhood security at 5:00 in the morning. They were there to report that someone had broken into my volkswagon bug, and stole the radio. The good news was that they caught the guy. They told us the police had taken the guy away, and was beating him...when they say the police were beating him, they mean it. He will be lucky to live. Most thieves that are caught in Indonesia are beaten to death. I don't think the thief knew that my radio didn't work. I had unplugged it, and it was in my glove department.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to both Mom and my wife, Tika. My mom celebrated mother's day at my sister Pam's house and was given the news about the new baby on its way...Tika celebrated by going shopping and a movie...not just a movie, but a real chick flick. I went along without complaint....that was my gift. Ha haaa....

Saturday, May 12, 2007

On Super Drive

Sorry about not updating regularly. This is an extremely busy month for me at school. There are grad parties,graduation, award ceremonies, a new CSC, meetings, exams, concerts and the photography job really goes into full gear as I need to be at all the events....

There are a couple of things going on worth talking about.....

Congrats to Pam and Mike on their announcement of a new baby coming our way. Wow, that is big news. Pam should be feeling her best when walking around Disney World next month in the hot Florida sun.

My old college roommate, Dave Klocko got in touch with me a couple of weeks back. I am waiting for him to send a photo of him and Marilyn so that I can post it on the blog. It was great hearing from him, and I have been trying to find him for years. He is in Dallas. More on that later when he sends me a photo. Dave, if you are reading this....get that photo to me.

I am in negotiations with the school at the moment about my photography work. I have been logging my time this year, and have already logged more than 320 hours. That is a lot of time. Therefore, I am asking for one period off my teaching schedule to help accommodate the time.....but, it is a more news on that when I know more.

I have been trying to find the time to play golf as well. The end of the year tournament, "Golfer of the Year" is now on, and I haven't played a round yet. I am the reigning champion of the tournament for the past two year and hoping for a three-peat....not sure if that will happen as I am not playing my best golf these days.

Ok, that's it for now....I will be taking a trip to the house later today, so hopefully will catch you up on that as well.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kayla Invades Mommy's Closet

This is not a set-up. Kayla disappeared into our bedroom while we were watching TV, and then came out posing with several ties and other assorted "mommy clothes" that she had assembled herself. Yes, three years old, and she was able to do all of that "tying" herself.....we could not stop laughing.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Second Floor Foundation

Today was a big day in the construction of our house. The foundation of the second floor was put in. The operation was much bigger than I thought it would be...

There were over TEN cement trucks lined up down the road ready to dump their loads at our site. The trucks blocked all the traffic down our road causing some traffic, and making some drivers angry. (I can totally understand their frustration...)

Each truck would come to the house, and connect the large contraption that would stretch to the top of the house to deliver the cement. Pretty cool.

Apparently, it is a big deal in Indonesia to start on the second floor. We provided lunch (Nasi Padand) for all the workers. They were happy, and pleased to pose for photos.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Slide Show Nightmare

Last night, we had our formal Varsity Awards Banquet where over 300 parents, teachers, and students get dressed up for a formal awards night with a big dinner catered, etc. I was asked to put together a slide show as the grand finale of the evening featuring all the sports during the year, music, etc.

I spent at least 10 hours putting together a really good slide show, that was timed perfectly with music. All day on Friday, I kept going down to the AV department to make sure all was set up properly for the show. I was assured several times that all will work fine.

As the Principal made his closing remarks, I went back behind the large screen to make sure all was ready. The guy operating the computer gave me the thumbs up. After Bruce made his remarks, a thank-you was given to me by Julie, and she then said, "...and now for another famous Scotty Graham slide show...." I told the guy to start my show, and to my shock and horror, there was NO SOUND. I said, "stop it, stop gotta fix the sound!!!"....he started it again, and again no sound. The MC of the night, got on stage and said, "sorry for the technical problem, lets try it again." Again, no sound....I was going absolutely crazy, and could have killed the guy at the computer. Then, on the other side of the stage, some guy put on some "other" music, and the MC said to just show the photos with the "other" music. I watched in horror as all my photos played in silence with this "other" sound track softly being was awful!! Then, to make matters worse, the show ends, people get up to leave, and as they are leaving, my music comes on....all is working....too late though....everyone was leaving.

I don't think I have ever been so angry in my life.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Burger King Opens in Jakarta

We had heard the rumors for months....but we all just shrugged them off as just that...rumors. Apparently, the same guy that brought Krispy Kreme Donuts to Jakarta has also brought Burger King as well. The new store opened last week at the Senayan City Mall downtown. We ventured down there last weekend (forgot to make a blog entry about it), and waited in line for over an hour for a whopper. Yes, an hour in line at Burger King....crazy, yes....but it was worth the wait. The hype will die down in a few weeks, but it goes to show that Indonesians like Burger King, and I wonder why after all these years with McDonalds dominating the scene, Burger King didn't come sooner. We are now hoping they will open another one in Pondok Indah which is closer to home.

In other news, I hooked my new modem, and I still have no ethernet light....argggggh....this one lightning strike has really screwed up my computer. I am about ready to throw the towel in and buy a new one...I am tired of going back n' forth to the MAC store with my computer....still waiting for my speakers. I haven't had the internet at home in months, and it is killing me.

Tonight is the Varsity Banquet where we honour all the athletes, musicians, artists, actors, dancers, and speakers. I was asked to make the program cover, and to also provide a slide show. I just finished the slide show which took me over 10 hours of work to, these things take so much time.....but I like it, and I hope the large audience likes it as well.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

BBQ in Sawangan

After the Strings tournament, Tom Schulz had everyone over to their Sawangan house on the lake for a BBQ. Tika and Kayla drove out and met me there. Kayla had a blast running around the garden and playing with Miranda and Phoebe.

In other news, my computer is slowing coming back to one piece. I pick up my modem today, so will hopefully be back on-line at home saving me from doing these blog updates from school.