Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graduation 2007

Don't give up on me and my blog. I know it has been awhile since I is that time of year. Ok, here it the update....

Graduation was last Friday night. Because of security reasons, graduation was held in the gym. An amazing transformation was done to convert the gym into the venue....the school rented about 50 air conditioner units that kept the room cool, and there were over a thousand seats for the parent's and families of our largest class since 1997. It was a pretty amazing event. The girls pictured above are the Brady twins, Sonia and Rachel. They are amazing kids. I taught them both, and they received numerous awards for academics and athletics....just an example of the amazing kids we have here at this school.

I played a round of golf with 11 other guys this past Saturday at Pantai Kapuk which was the course used for the Indonesian Open this year. It was the first time any of us had played the course. I was having the round of my life until the 14th hole. My drive went about 20 feet into some bushes next to the water....I then stupidly tried to hit my ball out of the brush, it landed about 5 feet forward still in the hazard. I then took a drop, hit it in the fairway...I now lie 4. My 5th shot landed in the bunker right of the green. Two shots to get out of the on the green in 7....then a two putt for a nine. I birdied the next hole (par three) which put me back into the game, but then on the second to last hole, I had a three foot putt for bogie, and about frustration. I was livid with myself. So much for a great round of golf.

The house is coming along....walls are going up now. Looks pretty much the same but with walls. We now can see how large our master bedroom bathroom will is as big as most people's master bedroom....

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