Saturday, May 12, 2007

On Super Drive

Sorry about not updating regularly. This is an extremely busy month for me at school. There are grad parties,graduation, award ceremonies, a new CSC, meetings, exams, concerts and the photography job really goes into full gear as I need to be at all the events....

There are a couple of things going on worth talking about.....

Congrats to Pam and Mike on their announcement of a new baby coming our way. Wow, that is big news. Pam should be feeling her best when walking around Disney World next month in the hot Florida sun.

My old college roommate, Dave Klocko got in touch with me a couple of weeks back. I am waiting for him to send a photo of him and Marilyn so that I can post it on the blog. It was great hearing from him, and I have been trying to find him for years. He is in Dallas. More on that later when he sends me a photo. Dave, if you are reading this....get that photo to me.

I am in negotiations with the school at the moment about my photography work. I have been logging my time this year, and have already logged more than 320 hours. That is a lot of time. Therefore, I am asking for one period off my teaching schedule to help accommodate the time.....but, it is a more news on that when I know more.

I have been trying to find the time to play golf as well. The end of the year tournament, "Golfer of the Year" is now on, and I haven't played a round yet. I am the reigning champion of the tournament for the past two year and hoping for a three-peat....not sure if that will happen as I am not playing my best golf these days.

Ok, that's it for now....I will be taking a trip to the house later today, so hopefully will catch you up on that as well.

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