Sunday, April 29, 2007

Strings Tournament

We (the JIS Golf Association) has not had a strings tournament in a long time. I think the last one was more than five years ago. It was brought back today. For the first nine holes, each player is given a length of string. The length depends on your handicap. You can use the string to extend your shot. So if you hit into a bunker, you can use the string to pull the ball out of the trap. You can use the string to extend your putt into the if you get on the green on a par three, you can extend your shot to the hole giving you a hole in one. It is a blast. I ended up shooting 3 under par, but the winner was 6 under.

The second nine, you can only start with nine clubs. After each hole, you have to take one club out of your, on the last hole, you only have one club left to play. I saved my 7-wood for the final putting was a bit tricky.

Anyway, it was really fun. I won a bottle of wine for getting closest to the pin on the first par three. I won it by using my string to move my ball onto the green (my t-shot was left on the fringe). Nobody had hit the green yet, so I thought, why not? Nobody said it was against the rules, so I did it...later, guys were saying that they wished they had thought of that.....aha haaaaa.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


The final day of the Cilandak Games ends in the famous mud pit. Before the pit, they play a mean game of dodge ball (I got there late and missed that one), and then a few rounds of water polo between classes, and then THE MUD. The mud of course, is the most popular of the games.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cilandak Games Day 2

Today was Sumo Wrestling Day. The photo above is of the Fontenot sisters going at it. The first person to knock the other down wins. It is a real laugh.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cilandak Games Day 1

Every year, the CSC (Central Student Council) hosts the Cilandak Games where the four classes compete in various silly games for the coveted Cilandak Games Cup. Today, between classes, they competed in the whipped cream contest. There were two kids per class that dive their heads into a large bowl of whipped cream to find (without using their hands) a piece of gum. The first class to chew the gum, and blow a bubble wins. This event always makes for some pretty funny photos....

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rest of the News From the Weekend

The four by four relay team
Amelia Clark scored 42 points with gold medals in 6 events
Andrew Briggs wins the triple and long jump

This is my first chance to update what happened the rest of the weekend. The boys' softball team came in fourth place after losing to ISKL 6-3 in the final game. We just didn't bring our sticks with us, and popped up or grounded out. Oh well. I am still proud of the team.

The girls' softball team made it to the finals with SAS. They were leading the entire game, and the crowd was very excited. SAS loaded the bases at the bottom of the 7th, and won the game on a base hit with two outs. It was quite an emotional loss for the girls. They have lost now 3 years in a row to SAS in the finals.

The track meet was the most exciting. The girls won the gold medal by ONE point. It came down to the last 4x4 relay (pictured above). If SAS won the race, JIS would have to come in at least 5th place to win the gold. SAS was leading most of the race, and JIS was in last place. In the final stretch, a girl from TAS passed SAS to win the race...that was enough to place us in first place for the tournament...VERY EXCITING!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Kayla!!

On top of the fact we beat ISB in that exciting game, TODAY is Kayla's birthday!! What a great day!! Happy Birthday, Sweetie!! Daddy Loves you!!

IASAS Softball Update II

Lots of action going on around the campus of SAS...
This is Tom Wrenson...the other coach of the JIS Boys...
Jessica, gives a big smile after the JIS Girls' game...
A very interesting day today. We played Singapore this morning, who was undefeated, and we lost badly to them 12-3. The team was pretty down after the loss, and we had to face Bangkok, who was also undefeated in the afternoon. The game before our game with ISB was Manila and Singapore. Everyone thought Singapore would demolish Manila. Not the case. Manila beat them. That gave us renewed hope that the two top teams were beatable.

Our pre-game talk was the basic stuff....we can beat these guys, but we will need to hit well, and play a tough defense. Well, we played well. We scored 1 run in the first inning, and then it was a defensive battle. At the top of the 6th inning, we had a 7-0 lead. All we had to do was hold them for two more innings. Well, Bangkok went on a serious run, and at the end of the 6th, they took the lead 8-7. We were pretty distressed. We had one more chance....we had to take the lead, and then hold them again...of course, the momentum was with ISB...the crowds were going crazy for both teams. We somehow managed to score two runs taking the lead 9-8...the team and crowd went crazy.....all we had to do was hold them, and we would have it. ISB came into the bottom of the 7th, and their lead-off batter hit a screamer to right center making a double. We managed a couple of outs, and the guy on second advanced to third. One base hit, and we were doomed. We walked their best hitter on purpose, and the next guy up hit a fly ball to left field....and the ball was caught...YES!! JIS WINS!! It was great game....most exciting game I ever coached....I am glad I don't have heart problems because that game would give a guy a heart attack.

So, tomorrow, we play Taipei...after that game...who knows....we could be in a medal game.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

IASAS Softball Update

We had the first game this morning against ISKL. We played a tight game, but it was defensive....neither team hitting well. ISKL took an early lead of 3-1, and we managed to tie the game up in the 6th inning, making it 4-4. (we play only 7 innings). The game went into extra innings. When that happens, the last batter up goes to second base, and you play from there. They managed to hold us, and when they got up, they scored one run defeating was a good game, but a sore loss.

Our second game, we played ISM. We beat them quite handily with a score of 12-2. Our kids played excellent defense, and finally started hitting the ball to their potential. So, we are 1-1. Tomorrow we play the two toughest teams, ISB and SAS...wish us luck.

See ya, Scott

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Off to IASAS in the Morning

I didn't have a photo to post today, so decided to use an old one from Santorini. I guess you can say it represents the long climb our softball team has to make to earn the gold medal this weekend in Singapore.

My video of the team today at the prep rally was a success. I broke the mold, and tried a different approach to the video. Instead of showing scenes of practice and games put to music, I did a short parody on our team...a mini comedy documentary. I think it went over well. It will be interesting to see what coaches will do for their video in the future. A new bar has been set...aahahaa....

I will try to update the blog while in Singapore. Click here if you want to keep track of the progress our team makes while there. When at the site, click on softball under season three.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kayla the TV Star

We got a call yesterday morning from Tika's sister that she saw Kayla in a commercial. Tika's sister lives in Central Java. We then got a call from Tika's Mom saying the same thing. Then some neighbors came by all screaming that they saw Kayla on TV. Ok, so we turned on the TV and switched channels back n' forth searching for commercials (not often you LOOK for commercials). It wasn't until last night when we finally saw the commercial. Kayla was dancing around in a ballet dress...pretty cute. It was a commercial for baby's milk. The commercial starts with Kayla dancing, and then it goes to other kids doing things, and then back to the whole group of kids before ending. Pretty cool...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dad and Kayla

It's not often I get photos taken of ME and Kayla. Tika took this one the other day when Kayla was posing with her new outfit. Finally, a photo of me and my daughter.

We went to see the house today, but not much looked too different....more work was done on the pool, and they are working on the foundation of the second floor. I just sent them another heap of money, so I hope to see major stuff going on the next few weeks.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dads and Daughters at the Family Fun Fair

Today was the Family Fun Fair at school. It was the duty of the Dads to bring their daughters to all the booths while the wives talked and shopped. Well, sort of. I had to actually work at the fair, and so did the wives really did most of the work carting around Kayla and Mariska. We did manage to get Tika to get our photo, so it appears we are doing most of the work. Kayla was kinda grumpy, but I think she had fun.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Early Birthday

Since I will be in Singapore next week for IASAS Softball, I will be gone for Kayla's birthday on the 20th. She asked if it was ok for her to open one of her presents from Mei Mei, and we agreed. She, of course, immediately wanted photos of her in her new outfit sent by Mei Mei. Thank, Mom for the cute outfit....she loves it. More photos to follow as she will wear the outfit tomorrow at the Family Fun Fair.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rent A Senior Day

The High School gets pretty crazy this time of year...especially the seniors. This week was Senior Spirit Week, and they raise money for their class by auctioning off themselves to the lower classmen. These seniors were rented for the day by some freshmen who made them dress in crazy clothes...too much fun.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Math Nerds Unite

This week at school is Senior Spirit Week, and today was "Twin Day". Every year, the Math department tries to show our spirit by dressing up for twin day. This year, we all wore t-shirts and jeans with a different way of expressing zero on the front our shirts. I am the one with the large forehead on the right.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

We slept in to an amazing 11:00 this morning. Kayla was so quiet, and let us sleep. What a good kid, heh?

We were invited over to the Schulz's house for an early lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Kayla had a great time!!!

When we got home, Kayla got to open her new present from Mei Mei and Grand Dad...a dancing bunny. Kayla got a big kick out of that, and wanted to sleep with her new bunny. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the terrific present. We did manage to keep her from opening her birthday presents early.

I then sat down in front of the TV for four hours of the Masters and the Yankee game. The Yankee game came first. I didn't even know it was on (replay). I turned the TV on to see the masters, and the Yankee game was I thought, "Great, the Yanks..." it was the bottom of the ninth, and the Yanks were trailing by three. I thought of Dad thinking he was pretty disappointed in them losing. Not so fast....base hit, Jeter walks, next batter gets hit by the pitch.....bases loaded, two outs, and up comes ARod. I thought, "the guy has to earn his money....lets see what he is worth". A couple of strikes, a couple of balls....and then...GRAND SLAM....I jumped out of my seat for that, what an ending!!!

The masters came next...and what a third round....unreal.....great night of watching sports.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Pool Update

More work was done on the pool last week. They started the foundation on the second floor as well. Other than that, not much "visually" different.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Poker Night

Friday night was poker night. We had our usual seven guys. I normally don't report on our monthly poker game, but my good friend Tom Schulz had a special hand that had to be put on the blog.

The game was seven card stud. We were all dealt our down cards, made some bets, and then the four up-cards were dealt one at a time. Tom's first up card was an ace. His next up card to our amazement was another ace...more betting...His THIRD up card was ANOTHER ace. He bet his three-of-a-kind aces, and a few folded. We joked that his fourth card would be an ace.....and came up ANOTHER ace. Can you believe it??? He had FOUR aces showing....needless to say, all folded with those kind of cards showing. A photo was taken that matched the t-shirt he was wearing.

Great night....and I even won some money for a change.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Three Day Weekend

It is a short week, but it has been action packed and extremely busy. We had parent conferences yesterday after school...a very long day...I taught the last three classes, and then had conferences until 7:30 at night, and then a softball game afterwards. Today, I have to take some team photos, film our softball video, and then poker with the guys. Tomorrow, we have the day off for Good Friday....a well needed sleep-in is on track....and then hopefully, some Masters's golf will be shown on TV.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The Gators did it again....they are the first team to repeat since Duke....and they beat OSU again just like in football. I love it!!! How 'Bout Dem GATORS!!!!

Pool Is Going To Be HUGE

It had been a week since we were last at the building site. A lot of work was done on the pool as you see pictured. It is going to be a huge pool....much larger than I thought....but it is going to be super nice. I am going to start calling our new house the "new resort"...can't wait for it to take further shape...very exciting.