Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Off to IASAS in the Morning

I didn't have a photo to post today, so decided to use an old one from Santorini. I guess you can say it represents the long climb our softball team has to make to earn the gold medal this weekend in Singapore.

My video of the team today at the prep rally was a success. I broke the mold, and tried a different approach to the video. Instead of showing scenes of practice and games put to music, I did a short parody on our team...a mini comedy documentary. I think it went over well. It will be interesting to see what coaches will do for their video in the future. A new bar has been set...aahahaa....

I will try to update the blog while in Singapore. Click here if you want to keep track of the progress our team makes while there. When at the site, click on softball under season three.

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