Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

We slept in to an amazing 11:00 this morning. Kayla was so quiet, and let us sleep. What a good kid, heh?

We were invited over to the Schulz's house for an early lunch and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Kayla had a great time!!!

When we got home, Kayla got to open her new present from Mei Mei and Grand Dad...a dancing bunny. Kayla got a big kick out of that, and wanted to sleep with her new bunny. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the terrific present. We did manage to keep her from opening her birthday presents early.

I then sat down in front of the TV for four hours of the Masters and the Yankee game. The Yankee game came first. I didn't even know it was on (replay). I turned the TV on to see the masters, and the Yankee game was I thought, "Great, the Yanks..." it was the bottom of the ninth, and the Yanks were trailing by three. I thought of Dad thinking he was pretty disappointed in them losing. Not so fast....base hit, Jeter walks, next batter gets hit by the pitch.....bases loaded, two outs, and up comes ARod. I thought, "the guy has to earn his money....lets see what he is worth". A couple of strikes, a couple of balls....and then...GRAND SLAM....I jumped out of my seat for that, what an ending!!!

The masters came next...and what a third round....unreal.....great night of watching sports.

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