Thursday, April 19, 2007

IASAS Softball Update

We had the first game this morning against ISKL. We played a tight game, but it was defensive....neither team hitting well. ISKL took an early lead of 3-1, and we managed to tie the game up in the 6th inning, making it 4-4. (we play only 7 innings). The game went into extra innings. When that happens, the last batter up goes to second base, and you play from there. They managed to hold us, and when they got up, they scored one run defeating was a good game, but a sore loss.

Our second game, we played ISM. We beat them quite handily with a score of 12-2. Our kids played excellent defense, and finally started hitting the ball to their potential. So, we are 1-1. Tomorrow we play the two toughest teams, ISB and SAS...wish us luck.

See ya, Scott

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