Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rest of the News From the Weekend

The four by four relay team
Amelia Clark scored 42 points with gold medals in 6 events
Andrew Briggs wins the triple and long jump

This is my first chance to update what happened the rest of the weekend. The boys' softball team came in fourth place after losing to ISKL 6-3 in the final game. We just didn't bring our sticks with us, and popped up or grounded out. Oh well. I am still proud of the team.

The girls' softball team made it to the finals with SAS. They were leading the entire game, and the crowd was very excited. SAS loaded the bases at the bottom of the 7th, and won the game on a base hit with two outs. It was quite an emotional loss for the girls. They have lost now 3 years in a row to SAS in the finals.

The track meet was the most exciting. The girls won the gold medal by ONE point. It came down to the last 4x4 relay (pictured above). If SAS won the race, JIS would have to come in at least 5th place to win the gold. SAS was leading most of the race, and JIS was in last place. In the final stretch, a girl from TAS passed SAS to win the race...that was enough to place us in first place for the tournament...VERY EXCITING!!

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