Friday, May 04, 2007

Burger King Opens in Jakarta

We had heard the rumors for months....but we all just shrugged them off as just that...rumors. Apparently, the same guy that brought Krispy Kreme Donuts to Jakarta has also brought Burger King as well. The new store opened last week at the Senayan City Mall downtown. We ventured down there last weekend (forgot to make a blog entry about it), and waited in line for over an hour for a whopper. Yes, an hour in line at Burger King....crazy, yes....but it was worth the wait. The hype will die down in a few weeks, but it goes to show that Indonesians like Burger King, and I wonder why after all these years with McDonalds dominating the scene, Burger King didn't come sooner. We are now hoping they will open another one in Pondok Indah which is closer to home.

In other news, I hooked my new modem, and I still have no ethernet light....argggggh....this one lightning strike has really screwed up my computer. I am about ready to throw the towel in and buy a new one...I am tired of going back n' forth to the MAC store with my computer....still waiting for my speakers. I haven't had the internet at home in months, and it is killing me.

Tonight is the Varsity Banquet where we honour all the athletes, musicians, artists, actors, dancers, and speakers. I was asked to make the program cover, and to also provide a slide show. I just finished the slide show which took me over 10 hours of work to, these things take so much time.....but I like it, and I hope the large audience likes it as well.

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