Saturday, May 05, 2007

Slide Show Nightmare

Last night, we had our formal Varsity Awards Banquet where over 300 parents, teachers, and students get dressed up for a formal awards night with a big dinner catered, etc. I was asked to put together a slide show as the grand finale of the evening featuring all the sports during the year, music, etc.

I spent at least 10 hours putting together a really good slide show, that was timed perfectly with music. All day on Friday, I kept going down to the AV department to make sure all was set up properly for the show. I was assured several times that all will work fine.

As the Principal made his closing remarks, I went back behind the large screen to make sure all was ready. The guy operating the computer gave me the thumbs up. After Bruce made his remarks, a thank-you was given to me by Julie, and she then said, "...and now for another famous Scotty Graham slide show...." I told the guy to start my show, and to my shock and horror, there was NO SOUND. I said, "stop it, stop gotta fix the sound!!!"....he started it again, and again no sound. The MC of the night, got on stage and said, "sorry for the technical problem, lets try it again." Again, no sound....I was going absolutely crazy, and could have killed the guy at the computer. Then, on the other side of the stage, some guy put on some "other" music, and the MC said to just show the photos with the "other" music. I watched in horror as all my photos played in silence with this "other" sound track softly being was awful!! Then, to make matters worse, the show ends, people get up to leave, and as they are leaving, my music comes on....all is working....too late though....everyone was leaving.

I don't think I have ever been so angry in my life.

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