Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weekend Update

I know how Dad feels about finding photos for daily blog entries. I haven't taken a photo all weekend long....something feels missing. This black n' white of Kayla will have to do.

Lets see....Friday night was the Prom. My friend, Gene Magill was in charge. He had the upper gym set up in the James Bond 007 theme. The downstairs gym was converted into a large casino where kids could gamble for raffle tickets. I, along with a bunch of other teachers, all dressed in black pants, red bow ties, and red cumber buns and were the dealers at the tables. I dealt blackjack. The kids had a blast...it was one of the best proms I have ever attended.

Saturday was pretty much a waste. I took Kayla to the zoo in the morning, and then Tika and I went to see a movie in the afternoon. It rained most of the day.

Sunday was golf. I was having a great round, and on my way to shooting a 40 on the front nine, but 4-putted a 4-foot par putt....well, that destroyed my round, and all went down hill from there with a 7 on a par three (two water shots), and several other water shots.....I ended up with a 97. Ouch. I hope to play better next week.

Monday....well, it was a Monday.....

Today? Pretty much the same as above...just the day after a Monday.

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