Monday, June 09, 2008

Sepia Vs. Color

I took this photo yesterday in our garden, and then did some post production work in Photoshop changing it to a sepia toned photo...but then couldn't decide which was better...the sepia toned photo or the orginal color, I posted both...what do you think??


trancepass said...

wow, amazing photos...
what camera and lens do you use?

keep blogging

kjpweb said...

Hmm - tough choice. However the yellows are so vibrant that I would choose color over sepia in this case.
Cheers, Klaus

The Texican said...

I think the color is nice, but the detail of the flower petals is much more vivid in the sepia toned version. I vote for Sepia.

Scotty Graham said...

Hi trancepass....

For this shot, I used my Nikon D300 with a Nikon 60mm micro lens...



Tash said...

All of your photos are AMAZING! The color, the composition, the subjects! You a definitely a photographer whereas most of us are "snapshoters".

evlahos said...

excellent both, but a vote to color one

Texas Travelers said...

I think your intuition was right. The sepia lets you concentrate on the form and composition. I vote sepia for an art form presentation. A plant naturalist would want to see the color of course.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for the visit. Just joined the P&P blogroll. There is a lot of great information there and different photography.

Have a great day,

Kerri said...

Wow...both are pretty amazing!
For the nature lover in me...I would go with the color version.

My creative side would go with the sepia version. Not much help am I?

Fabulous shots, both!

Stacey Huston said...

Scotty. Both photo stand strong on their own..I think they would be loved equally if they were by themselves. so I say keep them both.. Beautiful

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