Wednesday, July 16, 2008

African Bee-Eater

I am not really a bird photographer...mostly because I don't own the nice equipment needed to take good bird photos (I think most good bird photographers use at least a 400+ mm lens). I got lucky with this little guy. He was only about 5 feet from me when I took the photo. I do love birds, and really admire those folks out there that take great photos of is not easy.

By the way, I broke a record tonight making this post...

8 minutes to load my site...
19 minutes to sign-in to blogger...
21 minutes to upload a 150kb image...

TOTAL: 48 minutes to make a single blog entry

I am going crazy!!
If you live in Indonesia, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get IM2 as your ISP


Louise said...

Quite a bird and an incredible picture of it!

Sorry for the internet problems. Very annoying.

kjpweb said...

Gorgeous shot! Excellent detail and colors.
Well - if Dial up appears lightning fast, your ISP pretty much sucks.
That's torture! I could close shop with a connection like that.
So hope your back on the fast track again soon!
Cheers, Klaus

2sweetnsaxy said...

My first visit to your blog. I love the style of your photos. they're great! I'll definitely be back to see more of your work.
:-) And the bird... just beautiful! Wonderful shot!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it takes so long for you to post, but I sure love your photos! So imaginative and colorful. Thank you for taking the time to share them w/ us all.

Texas Travelers said...

Thanks for the patience in posting.

Great photo and colors.
Well done.

I was going through a box of old computer stuff of mine the other day, and ran across some old dial-up cards from before the days of web browsers and such. Just text back then.

I will pray for a miracle in connectivity over there, so we can see more of your great photos.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Bee-eaters are gorgeous birds with the right lighting - which you got! Indonesian connection online sounds as bad as Australian!

Kathiesbirds said...

Scotty, you are an excellent bird photographer from what I can see. This is a beauty. It's always nice when the birds land nearby and pose for you. You are one determined blogger to put up with that slow internet! I am thoroughly enjoying your site!