Monday, February 16, 2009

25 Things about Me...From Facebook

I promised awhile back to post what I wrote on Facebook 25 things about myself...

It was actually kind of fun to write, and it is brutally honest...

Twenty Five Things…

1. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I keep thinking my current job is only temporary and something better will come along next year.

2. I am a wanderer. I have lived in 4 different countries, 9 different states or territories of the United States, and have traveled to all 50 states, and 110 countries.

3. I used to fly a 45-foot long helicopter, weighing over 17,000 pounds carrying 25 passengers, landing on ships at sea. My call sign was “Hobo” because of my constant 5:00 shadow on my face.

4. My favorite place I ever lived was Kauai, Hawaii. My job was scuba diving, and I lived in paradise….too bad Hurricane Iniki ripped through the island in 1992 or I would still be there.

5. My favorite place to be is underwater with a camera.

6. I have over 4000 logged scuba dives. That is about 500 8-hour “work days” underwater...or 2.7 school years underwater.

7. I once was eye-to-eye with two 50-foot Humpback Whales in Kauai. It is an experience that I will never forget, and is the best dive I ever had.

8. My wife, Tika, and my daughters, Kayla, Kelly and Carissa are my life….they are who I live for. Family is everything.

9. I work only so that I can play.

10. Yes, I love kids and love teaching….but really, I teach because of the vacation time….don’t tell anyone though.

11. Nothing really bothers me. I like all people and I have no enemies. The only thing I hate is traffic and a bad internet connection….unfortunately, I live in a place with the worst traffic in the world, and my internet connection sucks.

12. I love the movies….ALL movies. Tika and I see one or two movies every week.

13. Speaking of movies….I am a “YES MAN”….did you see that?....I have a hard time saying, “No” to just about anything asked of me…sometimes a problem, but like in the movie, saying, “yes” brings opportunity.

14. I love sex. Who doesn’t?

15. I am a photography addict. I am always thinking of photography, and I am rarely without my camera. Life is just one big picture, and I love capturing moments of life. There is nothing that compares to capturing a moment of time that can be shared with others for an endless time.

16. I am a Mac guy and a Nikon guy, and think PC’s and Canon are for those “other” people.

17. I probably spend half my day playing with Photoshop. I will probably be buried with the latest version in my arms.

18. I think life is backwards….it should be: get an education and learn the ropes of life your first 20 years…then, take the next 40 years off and play….then start to work when you turn 60. Now THAT would be the life.

19. Golf is a good walk spoiled. I love the game, but I suck and will probably always suck...but I love the walk with good friends or with my Dad.

20. I am not a city person, but have lived in one of the largest and most polluted cities in the world for over 12 years now.

21. I am a dreamer. I love to dream BIG….sometimes my dreams come true. Even if they don’t come true, it is still so much fun to dream.

22. I love watching people, and can sit in one spot for hours upon hours watching people walk by.

23. I am a sucker for a great beer.

24. I whole heartedly believe that love, friendship, family, travel and adventure is what life is all about. The other stuff is irrelevant.

25. I liked doing this list….kind of puts things in perspective...


Anonymous said...

Well, I enjoyed knowing quite a lot more about you.

I liked when you said family is everything, ' cause that's how I feel too.
Well, I wouldn't mind being on your shoes on some of the other things you said like places you have lived and that ...

Guess those who have the luck to have you as friend, are real lucky!

Sweet Designs said...

I have just spent quite some time going thru your blog (and still have a ways to go.

I think your blog/photography/travels is one of the most interesting that I have ever come across (and I have seen alot of blogs) LOL

I have truely enjoyed the cyber trip thru with your beautiful photographs, I am definately a fan and will be back!
PS. I enjoyed learning the little tid-bits about you and your family.