Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back in Jakarta....Turkey Was Fantastic

It's always a bummer to end vacations, but it's also nice to be home again.

The trip to Turkey was fantastic...if you have never been there, I highly recommend going. We thought the weather would be super hot, but as it turns out, it was perfect. Temps were really comfortable and it was dry...perfect travel weather.

I took tons of photos, but after looking at them last night, I am not that impressed with what I got. I am hoping some of the shots will grow on me after time...after an intitial run through, I am going to guess that maybe 2% of my photos will end up being keepers...you have to take thousands of photos to get a few keepers...luckily, in the digital age we are now in, it doesn't cost anything extra to take thousands of photos.

Thanks for all the nice comments I received on this blog while I was away...will try to get to all your blogs for a visit as well...

Anyway, here is one from Istanbul I took before our short day cruise on the Bosphorous...


Urang Awak said...

Hey Scotty, I agree with you on the digital era! how lucky we are now :P
anyway, this shot rocks just like other shot!
also I would like to ask your permission to use some of your photos for personal use (I am preparing pp presentation (power point) about Indonesia and you have lots of beautiful pictures.


Paz said...

welcome back! i've never been to turkey before and enjoy the country through your photos. thank you.