Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Been Thinking Seriously About A New Camera

I have been shooting a Nikon for years. I bought the first pro-digital available from Nikon..the D1x. At the time it was a 5,000 dollar investment, and it was only a 5.3 MP camera. But at the time, it had more than 5 times more MP's than most digital cameras on the market. That camera was stolen out of my house...I then bought the D70 and D2H which I brought to Africa with me. The D2H was fast, but had less MP than the D1x....only 4 something, but produced beautiful files. The D70, I still own, and use for my underwater is a great camera. I then sold the D2H when the D2x came out. I loved the D2x. Just before I took my trip to Nepal a couple of years ago, I dropped the D2x on the hard basketball court when I was shooting a did not make it back in time for my trip to Nepal, so I made a trip to the camera store and picked up the D300 and a couple of new lenses. I have been shooting with the D300 for the past couple of years, and love it. I sold the D2x when it came back from the shop.

Yes, I am a crazy camera freak. Now, Leica just came out with the full frame, 18MP, M9. I am intrigued with the Leica Rangefinders, and have been reading everything on the web that I can find about the M9. I am tired of carrying all the heavy DSLR camera equipment around when I travel. The Leica would fit my style of photography perfectly. I want that camera!! The problem??....whoa, cost as much as a small car. The leica lenses....truly the best in the world, with truly the most expensive price tags to go with it. So, I will wait....but you know how it is when your REALLY want something??


Fish Whisperer said...

Scotty, I used to be totally addicted to camera gear. Then I decided to buy a digital. My first and still only digital is a Canon 5D. Love the camera and take it everywhere. I then bought a couple of really good lenses. Which cost more than the camera. and that is it. I love Leica but I have not won the lottery yet. I don't think it matters what you shoot with your images will be great.

Alex said...

I totally understand you, cause I've sold my 5D and some lenses and started saving for the M9. I mean, f*ck that, I've been dreaming about it for years now and it's time to go for it. Now I'm only shooting with a backup camera (EP-1) and that's okay. Maybe I have to save for a year or so, my goal is clear: M9. And of course, any camera is okay if you know what the camera is capable of and you know what you are doing, but there's also such a thing as emotion. It's beyond reason.

Arya said...

You know what they're saying - it's not the gear that makes a good shot, but the photographer!! And being scrolling down your blog for the first time I'm deeply impressed! I bet you'll shoot gorgeous photos whatever camera you have in your hands!

Scotty Graham said...

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I agree, it is not the equipment that takes a good photo. My main beef with all the stuff I own is that it is just too much stuff. You should see me when I am packing for a trip. I need an assistant to make sure I have everything, and almost every trip I take, I forget something.

Then once I am at my destination, I have to figure out how to carry all the stuff on the streets...what lenses will I need, etc...and it is HEAVY. Going to a restaurant is a pain with a big SLR, tripod, and camera bag. This is what makes the Leica so attractive to me. An extremely high quality camera that I can practically put in my pocket...very low profile, with the highest quality glass that can easily fit in a fanny pack.

Anyway, I am not a rich guy, so I will just dream and save....some day I will have that sweet little camera in my hands...afterall, it is our hobby, right? Why not have the best stuff possible for the thing we love to do?

Urang Awak said...

Agree Scott :) I am saving up too ehehe but still not sure what to buy

Anonymous said...

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