Monday, August 01, 2011

Where Old Trucks Rest

I sometimes wonder how many of these old trucks are hanging around in their resting place...I spotted this beauty in Tennessee and immediately pulled off the road to get some photos. It was actually behind a barbed wire fence, and there was a lady outside trimming the bushes. I asked her if I could step inside the fence to take some photos of the truck, and she denied me and told me I could only take photos from the other side of the fence...that limited my angles, but I managed to get a few shots...


Kay L. Davies said...

Gorgeous shot, though, Scotty, even if she wouldn't let you in.
It reminds me of a picture of an old truck my brother Rob took in Australia in 1982.
He was 14 and we were touring Queensland with a friend. Suddenly Rob ran up to me and said, "I need your camera!"
"But you have your own camera," I replied.
"Yes, but you have black & white film in yours, and this is a black and white shot."
My brother is now a successful artist who has always had a good eye. I've never been sorry I took him to Australia with me. He could see things I would have missed if he weren't there.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Owen said...

I love it...

Hard to imagine though what possible objection she might have had to letting you get past the barbed wire; maybe she thought you were a serial killer who might run amok if allowed on the premises ?

Funny, I was just relating last night a story from some years ago : the only place in the world I've ever had a gun pointed at me was in Kentucky when I stopped on the road to take a photo of an old barn half falling down... some grizzly old geezer came out with a double barreled shotgun and invited me to leave. I wasn't even on his property... welcome to the deep south...

Anonymous said...

At the height of tourist season in the Great Smoky Mt N'l Park, I am sure this lady, whose property is at the end of Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, does her best to maintain a semblance of privacy. She also has a business there, sells honey (see beehives in photo) and locally crafted items too. Likely you were parked at her business as there is no other parking nearby. I was allowed access to take photos of this truck in the spring this year. Yes, I was in the shop. Yes I had just bought some Sourwood Honey. And, yes, I do live in the area, have lived in Tennessee 39 years but am not FROM the South. Maybe you were the 20th or 50th person to ask that day to enter her property. Just Saying.
Mary Anne from Cosby

Scotty Graham said...

Hi Mary...that is EXACTLY the location of that photo. The lady was very nice, and I was not upset at all about not being let onto her property...and you are right, I am sure lots of people ask....when I had my tripod set up, other photographers stopped to see what I was taking photos of...I just would have loved to get more photos from different angles...and awesome setting....I LOVED that area, and can see why you have been there for so long!