Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Silver Turns Pink

Those fish in front look silver underwater until you put some light on them, and then they turn pink...mixed in with the Yellow Tailed Fusiliers, and they make for a nice photo...


Kay L. Davies said...

Almost (okay, I think I see some red) primary colors, Scotty. Gorgeous photo.
I don't dive but I'm looking forward to some snorkeling on our next trip, which will be to Mexico in the spring.
Oh, I just realized I missed seeing your last post, "where the fishes live" — what a fantastic photo. I love it.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Owen said...

Hi Scotty, it's as if you have a magic wand in hand when you set out with your camera... turning everything you see into something enchanting.

Thanks so much for doing what you do here, for sharing it all. Am never disappointed when stopping by here.