Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Mess With "The Dude"

This is another shot from the bird market. I was trying to capture the "action" that was going on around this place...people running around, bird cages EVERYWHERE, and the "shopping" that was taking place. What I couldn't capture was the smells and sounds...the smell not so great, but the sounds of all those birds chirping and making their individual calls were amazing.

When I walked outside of the market, I was trying to capture people just hanging out near the bird cages...but this guy...this "dude"....was giving me the evil eye the entire time...so, I just pretended that I was taking a photo of all the cages...after I took a couple of shots, a big grin from ear to ear appeared on the guy's face....whew....what a relief...he doesn't look like the kind of "dude" you would mess with...see the one I am talking about?


Mr. Charleston said...

Easy to spot "the dude." Probably thinks you're a cop of some sort getting ready to bust him for illegal activity.

Nathalie said...

Nice end to your story, pheew !

SKIZO said...

Good Shot
Weell done

Hirsita Dixit said...
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