Sunday, July 15, 2012


Thanks for waiting!!

I am back from my trip to the States and a trip to Guatemala...Guatemala was fantastic!! If you have not been, I can highly recommend this incredible country. The weather during our stay could not have been better...especially when there were record breaking heat waves in the States...the temps in Guatemala were San Diego like every nice!!

I am slowly going through my photos, and have processed a couple (like the one below). As usual, when I get back from a trip and go through my photos, I am disappointed. It takes a few times going through my library on Light Room before I find a few that I like. If I have 10% that are good, that would mark a good trip...looks like I will have about 10% that are keepers....but that means 90% are crap...hehe...typical. In any case, I will be sharing some of my better ones in the days to is good to be back!!


Mike said...

I see your vacation has not impacted the quality og your images, another great one! Without any words it speaks volumes all on its own.

Merisi said...

Great composition, love how the small poster to the right repeats the colors the gentleman is wearing.

Kim said...

Glad to read you had a great time. This shot is fantastic. I love the textures and colors.