Saturday, May 27, 2006

Earth Quake Update

Well, it has been a week since I traveled down to Ygogykarta to take photos of Mount Merapi. My timing was lucky. If I had been there this weekend, I would have been caught in the earthquake that occured there this morning at around 6:00 am. Tika woke me up this morning at 6:30 to tell me that a large earthquake had struck Ygogykarta, and that she was really worried about her sister who lives there. After countless times trying to get a phone call through, we were finally able to talk to Tika's sister. Her house took extensive damage, but luckily, the entire family was outside of the house when the quake struck. Her neighbors were not so lucky. Everyone inside the house next door were killed when their house collapsed on top of them. It has been a real tradgedy down there with latest reports saying over 2900 people were killed and thousands injured. Tika's sister can not go back to her house for a few days as rescue operations are taking place. All are ok down there, but they are in a bit of shock over what has happened. We will of course, help them out in any way we can. I am sure they will need some money to help re-build their house...I have yet to hear how extensive the damage was. Mount Merapi is calm, and scientists are saying that they are independent events....I sill wonder what those poor people would do if Mount Merapi does errupt now...that would not be good. I will keep you updated if I find out any new news....

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