Saturday, May 27, 2006

Graduation and Earth Quake

Graduation was last night. I am always amazed at the accomplishments of some of our students. The Valedictorian had a 4.51 GPA (over 4.0 because of weighted IB courses), is a swimmer who holds all but one of the JIS swimming records, and holds 3 IASAS swimming records. She is a beautiful girl from Thailand with a great sense of humor, and is nice as could be. One of those kids that just has EVERYTHING going for her. She has a full scholarship to Emory in Atlanta where she will study nuclear biology. Amazing kids here.

A large Earthquake struck Central Java this morning. Tika's sister lives in the area, and has called to tell us that they are ok, but the roof of their house collapsed. She said that several people in her village were killed. We are very thankful that Tika's family are all ok, but we are still waiting on news on how much damage was actually done. This could be a sign that Mount Merapi is going to blow big soon. I think I will stay in Jakarta...don't worry, I have no plans on returning to Central Java in the near future.

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