Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Beetle

The new "Bug" arrived today. Well, it really is not new. It is a '69 VW. Kayla calls it a "frog", so the new name for the car is "The Frog". I will drive this little car to and from school every day so that the Everest can be used by the girls.

We finally heard from our architect. We had three bids that were way over our budget. Burhan has written to them a detailed list of where cuts can be made or where certain materials were way over priced. The contractors will now submit second bids to answer the requests that Burhan has made. After those new bids come in, we will have sit down with Burhan and make design changes, maybe choose different materials, etc. to further bring the costs down. My friend, Chris, was able to reduce the intial bid by 43%. If we can do the same, we will be within our budget.

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