Saturday, June 03, 2006

Repeat Champion

Well, guess what?? I won. Again. How about that?? It was a very strange day of golf. Believe it or not, I not only won the "golfer of the year" tournament, but I also had the low gross score. That is a first!!....and the low gross score was a 93!! I was the only golfer to break 100 if you can believe it. Our best golfer, Bill, left after playing only six holes. He was so frustrated and angry, he left the course, and drove home. I had a good day on a VERY difficult course. I didn't have a single blow-out hole which is a rare thing for, a good day today.

Tika finally was able to give Kayla a haircut (well, a trim). I will provide a photo tomorrow....very cute. Tika goes to Yogyakarta on Monday to see her sister for a few days. I have lots to do at home and at school to keep me busy. More later....

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