Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Camp Fire and Singing

After a long day of diving and other activities, Otto, pictured above, arranged a camp fire on the beach for the kids. He gathered all of his singing buddies, and they entertained us with Papuan music and dancing. With 6 guitars and a bongo drum, they filled the air with really great music.

Otto has been with Max since the start of the dive operation in the early nineties. He is an incredible divemaster. He has over 10,000 dives, and can find anything you want to see in the ocean. I asked him if he could show me a ghost pipe fish, and he said, "what kind do you want to see?" I said, "How about an ornate ghost pipe fish?" We went diving, and he showed me three different kinds of ghost pipe fish. Unreal. He can also look at the ocean, and based on the currents he can see on the surface, can tell you whether or not the mantas will be out there or not. He really is unbelievable, and was a tremendous help with the kids underwater.

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