Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rainy Day

The rain has finally arrived, but now I don't want it. UN Day at school is on Friday. It is my busiest photo day of the year. I sure hope we have nice sunny weather.

Yesterday, I made a trip to the embassy to get new pages for Kayla's passport. For some reason, both Tika and I had to go, we had to present Kayla's birth certificate, and both had to sign the government form. The entire process, driving to the embassy, getting the pages, and driving back took over four hours. Argggggh!! The traffic in this city is a nightmare.

Our driver took the "frog" (our VW bug) into the shop today to get the huge scratch painted over on the driver's side wheel well. When I was at Satu Lagi last Friday, some idiot tried to squeeze between my car and a wall, and left a huge scratch. Uncharacteristic for Jakarta drivers, the guy actually found me in Satu Lagi to tell me that he had done wrong. I was shocked....usually people just take off after hitting another car. He was very appologetic, and offered to pay for all the damages....which he did....another shock. His excuse was that he had just finished playing 36 holes of golf. Ok, he is forgiven....maybe he will take me out for a round of golf later...ahaa haaa...

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