Friday, February 16, 2007

Arrival in Cambodia

Yes, today was my birthday, and what a way to celebrate. Last night Tika gave me my birthday EPSON P-5000 which is a small 80gig hard drive which I can plug my CF card into and download also can store videos and music, has a 4-inch screen for is the perfect little device to travel with... I will never run out of space on my CF card now.

We had a PD day at school today. It was actually a pretty productive day. I was asked by our tech department to give an hour presentation on Photoshop which I did...from the emails I received, I guess it went pretty well. The rest of the work day was spent in a seminar about differentiated learning...not too exciting.

After school, the seven of us "Jamie Trip" guys took off to the airport for our long awaited trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We will spend the night in KL, and take off for Cambodia tomorrow. Tika is off to the Kampung to see her Mom and sister with Kayla.

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