Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who Is Helping Who??

Tika and I went yesterday to help with the distribution of water, clothes, food, and other needed items to the people who suffered most from the floods last week. It was a great experience until we were ready to leave one kampung (village). There was no place to turn around, so I was told to go to the end of the street and I could turn around there. Well, the road was completly surrounded with water, and it was very difficult to see where the water was shallow or deep. I made my turn, and then the entire front of the car dropped into deep water. Oh, man.....what a mess. There was no way to move backwards, and if I moved forward, the car would have sunk into deep mud, and I would probably have lost the car.

Indonesians to the rescue. Within minutes, the entire kampung came out to help. They tied ropes to the back of the car and attached them to another car....and then several guys lifted the front of the car out of the water, and we were able (after several tries) to get the car out.

So, here we are in a Kampung that needs our help, and it ended with the Kampung helping the helper....ironic, heh?

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