Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who Is Watching Who?

Sorry I missed my blog entry yesterday....I am back to having major internet troubles AGAIN...

I am paying for a connection that provides 1MB per second in download speeds, and at best I am getting 0.8 kb per second....that is only 1250 times slower than what I am paying about frustration!!

Last night, I couldn't even connect to a single, I am once again posting from my computer at work....arrrrgh!

Anyway, to the photo below....

I was just imagining what the turtle said to his family when it got home at night after seeing three humans on SCUBA...and I already know what the two girls looking on said after their dive seeing the turtle...who is looking at who?


Picture Imperfect said...

Sorry you are having internet troubles! I can surely relate!

This shot is fantastic. I get such a feeling of wonder and excitement. The turtle looks so calm and at peace with his visitors. Wonder how old that big guy is, probably older than the two girls' ages combined, anyway.

Thanks, as always, for sharing! I really like your work!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome shot!