Monday, April 26, 2010

Behind Bricks

I seem to remember this girl being angry with her little sister, but it would be more fun if you didn't know what she was upset about and made guesses...those eyes and expression tell some story, don't they?


Alberto Medina Vieira said...

Retrato impresionante, cargado de naturalidad y expresión. El tratamiento en B/N es maravilloso. Maestro déme uste, por favor, algunas clases de fotografía.


Anonymous said...

Her sister probably didn't do what she was supposed to do or she took something of her big sister's without asking AND she didn't return it or she damaged it AND she fibbed about it. Or the sister got her in trouble with her parents... Can you tell I have a sister? LOL! I could go on and on with guesses. ;-)


Kcalpesh said...

Awesome! Eyes of the lady are so expressive!

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