Thursday, July 01, 2010

A Rough Life

I was going through my old photos I took in Aceh, 5 months after the devastating tsunami that hit Aceh in 2004. It is hard to believe that was over 6 years ago. I was assigned to take photos of the children in Aceh. It was a very emotional trip. I met kids that lost their entire families, homes, everything. I was so impressed with the way they handled their losses. Not once was I greeted without a smile and a warm welcome. They continued with their lives despite their terrible circumstances. I wonder what these kids are doing today...??

I am off to Central Java tomorrow, so I thought I would feature some photos I took of the kids in Aceh the next couple of days. I am making scheduled posts now since I won't be able to post while in Central Java.

So, this is the first in a series of photos. I don't know this boy's name. We stopped to talk to him, but he was busy collecting bottles and other things he could find to sell. He said both his parents were washed away in the tsunami, and only he and his little brother were left. They had no home and slept under a bridge, and ate whatever they could find...and during the day, they would collect bottles...where is he today?

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jeannette said...

I knew that your series would hit me in the stomach - too sad! Hope someone teaches him a skill!