Friday, January 28, 2011

I Can't Think of a Title

I have trouble finding a title for photos...what would you call this? "Cool Hong Kong Building", "Tall Building", "Cool Architecture"...I am any case, it is a cool, tall, architectural masterpiece in Hong Kong...what will architects come up with next?

I did use a single texture for the sky which was just a plain old white sky in the original which sucked all life and color from the photograph. I don't like white skies and will avoid them at all costs...

Have a great weekend!!


Owen said...

I'd call it :

The building that forced me to get a wider lens and a taller screen to see it on...

or maybe :

Blue Monolith

or lastly :


Am out of ideas... too late here... it's lovely though

Jake said...

It's construction project name was H6 a until it became the modestly named "The Centre"! I worked on it for a while and at one point had to walk down from the 60th floor when Typhoon Victor came through Hong Kong and all the passenger lifts had to be shut down.

When we went back the next day a whole floor of stored sheets of plasterboard dry walling had disappeared somewhere up the sides of the Peak!

Great photo by the way - as you may guess, brings back memories!!!


Scotty Graham said...

Jake!! Thanks for the story...adds an entire new dimension to the photo...I think I will go back and change the title to something like, "H6 Becomes The Centre". A very cool building!

Jabiz Raisdana said...

Great shots. Found your site through Rod over at JIS. I work at SWA herein Jakarta. I dabble in photography too.

Just wanted to say hi. Follow the trail back...are you on FLickr?

Elena said...

Increible perspectiva!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!