Monday, May 02, 2011

A Composition Nightmare

I was in Singapore this past weekend. The main reason for going was for my daughter's gymnastics competition, but my second reason was to have my Drobo looked at. Well, I got mixed news about the Drobo....

They wrote this morning, and told me that they can recover my files, but the cost will be 1500 Singapore Dollars (about 1200 US Dollars). My file structure will be lost too, no file names...only the file types....that will mean a great deal of work to go through 85,000 photos, but at least I will have the photos back. I still have no idea what happened and what caused this nightmare, but I did learn a valuable lesson...BACK UP, BACK UP, and BACK UP again!!

I am still not sure if 100% of my data will be retrieved....I will decide when I hear back from them if it is worth the 1500 bucks...but my gut feeling is that it is worth's only money, right?

Now for the photo below....

I was standing next to the escalator going down to the MRT in a shopping mall waiting for my wife and daughter who were shopping in some store...isn't that always the case for us guys? Waiting for the women to shop? They should have large comfortable chairs in every clothing store, shoe stores, and other female stores....and there should be free beer on tap for all the guys waiting for their girl friends, daughters and wives....and maybe a good game on TV...if that were the case, the women could shop till they drop, and us guys wouldn't care because we would be entertained....ok, I digress...back to the photo...

Anyway....I was standing there looking at this scene, and trying to figure out how to compose the many do I frame the shot? Do I make the top of the photo parallel to the large mural or do I line up the the beam on the left or do I straighten the lines of the tiles? These are things going through the mind of a husband waiting for the women in his life to shop...ha the end, I decided to line up the top of the mural with the top of the any case, a cool scene....and by the way, after 20 minutes of waiting, the girls ended up buying nothing...typical.


Anonymous said...

Dear Scotty,

Will you allow me to make a (token) contribution?

You have touched my wife and I with your generosity in sharing your picture (we haven't gotten round to printing it!) that we would like to help.


Scotty Graham said...

Of course, and thank you!! If you click on my profile, you will find my email address...just send me an email.