Monday, June 27, 2011

Return To Virginia

So, it was a LOOOOONG trip to the States...3 hours to Bangkok, a two hour layover, then 15 hours to Los Angeles...a night in the hotel, and then 1 hour to Las Vegas, two hours there, then another 4 hours to Virginia...23 hours total in the airplane. We were a wreck with our internal clocks all messed up, but after the weekend, we are now semi-adjusted to the new time.

The first thing we noticed is the lack of traffic. I hear my Dad complain about the traffic, but when compared to Jakarta traffic, it is nothing...well, nothing really compares to the traffic in Jakarta which must take the award as the worst in the world.

So far, very relaxing...nice to be back in the States...

and oh...I got a new ipad!! Woo Hoo!!

1 comment:

Owen said...

Might have been faster to hitch a ride on a passing school of fish straight to California ? Have fun with the ipad...

BTW, I may have missed it, but were you able to recover your hard drive finally ?