Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Diverge

I made a post today on Google+ about art in galleries. You know the painting I am talking about, right? The ones that look like anyone could paint?...the ones that look like just random lines of paint or splatter?...the ones where you wonder why on Earth they are sitting in a fancy gallery and are listed at millions of dollars? see the philosophical pondering the meaning of the painting...what was the artist trying to say? What is the meaning? You know what I am talking about?

Can a photograph do the same thing? I took this photo in Italy a couple of years ago. I was really trying to take a photo of the bulletin board where hundreds of small posters were hung and then ripped off...I have a friend that takes photos of such kind of walls, and has done an exhibition of his photos of "ripped faces", I wanted to show my buddy this photo of an interesting bulletin board...but this photo ended up being a topic of discussion with some of my friends...they sounded like those people in an art gallery trying to decipher the meaning of a painting...I wanted to laugh when I heard them talking because I had no hidden agenda or meaning when I took this photograph...I just thought it was cool the way in which the light hit the wall, and the shadows....but maybe there is more to this photograph than meets the eye...hehe...

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Altax said...

Excellent shot and wonderful picture.

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