Monday, March 05, 2012

Robinson Crusoe

Last time I was in Papua, I had the opportunity to fly. I used to be a helicopter pilot, so once flying gets in your blood, it is impossible to get rid of the urge to "get up" again. My buddy, Max, has a "Drifter" which is an experimental aircraft...with an open cockpit, floats and two seats, it is a blast to fly. We took off from the water right in front of the resort, and flew out over the reefs.

This little island is one of many little "Robinson Crusoe" islands spread through out Raja Ampat. I kayaked to this little one where Max has built a small shelter to spend the about having your own private island....pretty damn cool.

Taking photos from the air was not as easy as I thought...especially with a prime lens. I switched back n forth between my 35mm and 18mm got tough as the light started to go away, and since I was sitting in the back seat, it was difficult to get a shot unobstructed..but man, what a great day of flying...can't wait to get back to do some more....we saw Dugongs, dolphins, whales and Mantas all in one flight....unreal.

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Rob Smith - Perth said...

I only see Raja Emapt from sea level , be interesting seeing from above, i remember going past a little island and seeing monkies playing around on a deserted beach.