Thursday, August 16, 2012

Five Day Weekend...Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow is Indonesia's Independence Day, and Sunday is Idul Fitri. It is not often that the two occur on the same weekend. So, I have tomorrow off from work, and also Monday and Tuesday. We were thinking of going somewhere, but it is actually one of the best times to be in Jakarta. 


Seriously, the city does not seem so large during this time. I can actually reach places in minutes when on a regular day in Jakarta, it would take hours. I will enjoy it while I can. Soon after Idul Fitri, the people start returning from their village bringing along with them cousins, brothers, sisters, etc...the population of Jakarta increases which means the traffic gets even worse.

Oh yea....yesterday's post....which photos did I choose to enter? I chose number 4 and number 8. My reasoning was this...people love clown fish, and that photo would probably receive a bunch of for the Sweet Lips...well, many people associate Raja Ampat with large schools of Sweet even if they were not my favorite photos, I think they will get the most votes...wish me luck!! The winner is chosen on Sept. 20th....but I don't even know if my photos will make the cut to the final few for voting...we shall see.

I can't remember if I have posted the photo below before or not. I had to kayak out to this sand bar to take this self-portrait. The current was raging between the island and the sand bar, so it was not an easy trip...and it was really HOT!! I set up my tripod, and then would run to the kayak to pose...doing this about 6 times worked up a heavy sweat....the things we do for a photo!!


Mike said...

Kick back and enjoy your holiday! I was too late getting to your blog to get in on the voting, however before going on to read any of the comments 4 & 8 stood out as the strongest images for the application. I felt the previous years selections were weak in comparison to any of the eight you posted. Good luck!

Dmitry Voevodin said...

Very good. I envy ...

James Wei said...

Your work is always showing the depth of photo, excellent tweaking of colours and a room to ponder/imagine.

You look very comfy there :)

Mr. Charleston said...