Saturday, August 18, 2012

Old VW Bug

My buddy called me, and said, "Hey Scotty...the other day I spotted this old VW Bug in a field near the airport...lets go out and photograph it". With the traffic almost non-existent, we decided today or never. What a great little find...I guess this is where little VW bugs go to die. I own a '66 VW that I drive to work every day, so in a way, it was kind of sad to see this poor guy lying in a field with vines and grass over taking its shell...but sure makes for good pictures!


Mr. Charleston said...

That old bug has Cooper Climax wheels. Bet she was a swifty in her day.

James Wei said...

This really got me on the spot. Very sleek capture on derelict car. The texture is stunning.

Leisa Dreps said...

This just shows that no matter in what state, VW Bugs will always have a purpose. It’s still a little depressing to see one in such state though, with only a little trace of its previous paint. But then those rusts are now considered a rank higher from normal rust. Would you agree? :D