Friday, July 21, 2006


The vacation is going well. It had a rocky start, but once we checked into the hotel, Villas Vallais perched on top of the caldera 300 meters above the sea, things smoothed out nicely. You wouldn't believe the! We spend our days sleeping until 10:00, going for a short hike, and then eating lunch....some greek food. Then we drive around a bit, then watch the sunset, and then eat dinner. It is what vacation is all about.

I have taken a ton of photos, of course, but can't find an internet place with photoshop CS2 to convert my NEF I will have to wait till I get home to post any photos.

Anyway, we are now at the beach. The town is Kamari, and there is a black sand beach with huge cliffs...very nice, but the water is way too cold for us used to the warm waters of Indonesia. We are going to attempt some swimming today. We are staying at the Acqua Vatos Hotel which is run by a wonderful couple. They really make you feel at home here, and the rooms are very clean and nicely designed with a different theme in each room. Eventhough they are totally booked, they said they would do their best to get us an extra night. Great service.

News from home is kept current thanks to cell phone technology. Tika is able to SMS daily, ok we can keep track on how Kayla is doing....which is fine.


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