Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sleep-in Day

Tika felt left out of the blog photos, so I posted one of her in Santorini.

We didn't do much today, but sleep-in...which was very nice. I think we needed the sleep. The big news, I guess, is that we got a new toilet for the mast bedroom. Our last one was running all the time which caused our water pump to die. So, a new pump and toilet. Real exciting stuff.

Dad and I were able to video chat, well, you can leave the chat part out. We could see eachother, anyway. We text chatted while viewing eachother typing messages. Kayla loved it, and Dad, Mei Mei and she exchanged faces over the e-lines accross the world. Pretty cool.

I will be leaving for Singapore on Tuesday to have my colon looked at again...just a routine check. I will return on Thursday. Golf on Monday.

I have had a string of email conversations with the couple that runs the hotel in Kamari, Santorini. I am going to send them my photos, and they may hang them on their walls...that would be pretty cool, huh? They are good people.

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