Thursday, July 13, 2006

Taman Mini

A nice day today. We started at the Greek Embassy, and got the visa for Tika. That put us in a good mood.

Since it was Riska's last day with us (she leaves tomorrow), we took the entire gang (our family plus our extended "helping family" plus nieces) to Taman Mini. Taman Mini is an Indonesian theme park with museums, a bird park, an aquarium, reptiles, orchid gardens, etc. It was built during the Soeharto days by Soeharto's wife. Mid-week is the time to visit as there were only a few people around...weekends turns the place into a mob scene.....with all staring at the only "Bule" (white guy) around. I didn't get too many "hey misters" along with the snickers and stares today, and that was nice. There seems to be nothing funnier than a bald white guy walking around Indonesia.

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