Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Back From Vegas

I am back. It was a long trip. The conference was incredible. The best conference I have ever been to...It was very organized, all the sessions were entertaining and educational, and you wouldn't believe the professionals they had teaching the sessions. All the big names in Photoshop, and some big names in the photography world such as Vincent Versace, Moose Peterson, Jay Maisel, John Paul Caponigro, Joe Mcnally, Eddie Tapp, Jim Divitale, and many more. I got to meet them all face to face, and they shared so many great ideas. I can't say enough good things, and I am very happy I went.

I also saw the Circus while there, and what a show it was. I must have said, "wow" a thousand times. The stage was like nothing I had ever seen.....it was a huge pool with people diving in and out, acrobats flipping through the air....too amazing to describe. We couldn't afford the regular 150 dollar tickets so had to settle for seats on the side of the stage for 93 dollars.....but we were only 4 rows back. We couldn't see the back of the stage, but other than that, I think we had great seats. I was and still am in awe.

There was no time for anything else. I arrived at 6:00 pm last Tuesday, rented a car, and stayed with my buddy, Frank, who is teaching at a public school in Vegas. (his stories reminded me of my days in Miami....not good conditions). I started the conference the next morning at 7:00....and it lasted all day. My routine involved going to the Excalibur for Krispy Kreme donuts, and then the conference all day long, and then crashing at Frank's house at 9:00 pm....I started falling asleep around 4 or 5 every day with the jet lag, but managed to stay awake to drive to Frank's. Anyway, the conference was full blast for 4 days, and I left early Sunday morning to make the long flight back.

More later.....gotta get some work done.

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