Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Fun Starts Today

Sorry for the delay in posting. I tried last night, but when it takes 15 minutes to just open the window to upload a photo, you know something is wrong. It is a beautiful morning here in Jakarta. I love the view from my classroom window. Kids hanging out by the fountain with golden sun peeking through the palm trees. I really do have a great job....but a busy one.

After teaching my Photoshop class, I had to quickly change my clothes for the softball game against the "Old Boys"...they are always fun to play, and we usually have a great game. Last night was no exception. We won the game 7 to 5. It was back n' forth all night. I had a pretty decent game. I was 3 for 4 at the plate and had two nice catches in left field, but my cletes have seen better days, and had to trash them after the game.

The other IASAS schools arrive tomorrow for the Volleyball tournament and X-country races. I will be living at school the next few days. Finally got my grades in for the first report card, but have a stack of tests to grade. Arggggh...bad time to give a test, oh well. I also have 10 college recommendations to write...I always think of Steven when writing those...how is his college hunting going? Speaking of which, last week a group of universities visited our school. It was nice talking to some of the reps from the colleges. Conn College was here, and it was fun talking about Ledyard, Groton and New London with the reps...they couldn't believe I knew of all those places.

Ok, got my kids coming into class....gotta go.

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