Sunday, October 29, 2006

Traffic Nightmare

The photo really does not show all. I think Indonesia gets the gold medal for worst traffic on Earth. It was UNREAL. Thousands and thousands of motorcycles mixed in with every type of transportation known to man. The first 8 hours of the drive was relatively least it moved. Then at around 1:00, we hit the major stuff. For NINE hours, we sat in creeping traffic encountering the worst idiots known to be behind the wheel or in most cases, the handle bars. Thank God for Muz, who drove all but the last three hours.

Despite the traffic, Kayla was once again incredible. She sang songs, laughed, took naps, talked about motorcycles, joked around, and NOT ONCE, NOT ONCE did she complain or cry. We are really blessed with that little girl. She did choke on some juice that caused her to throw-up everything in her stomach, but even after that she told us all, "No problem....just throw up, Mommy"...and then started laughing. Unreal.

We made it home by 9:00pm (left at 4:00am), and all of us just unloaded the car and immediately crashed into our beds for a much needed sleep.

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