Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally, A Break From Work

It's official....October Break starts today. Yes!! We had parent conferences all day yesterday, and I saw 25 sets of parents. It actually went faster and better than I thought. Most of the parents I saw had kids who were getting grades of A or better. I guess they want to come in and hear nice things about their kid....I guess I would do the same thing.

Tomorrow is Idul Fitri, and Jakarta seems like a ghost town. I drove Tika this morning to the clinic to get a shot, and it took us only 10 minutes to get usually takes us and hour and a half. It was unreal. I wish it were always like this....I would never leave Jakarta if it were...what a difference no traffic makes in one's life.

My goals for my week off are to watch baseball on TV every morning, play a couple of rounds of golf, to finish off a few of my photos, and to start on my new photo project (will tell you more about this later). All of our household help are gone to the Kampung to see their, we have to do all of our own cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc....very strange.

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