Friday, October 05, 2007

High School Musical at JIS

This week, I spent two days after school taking photos of the dress rehearsal of the ever popular High School Musical. JIS paid a big chunk of cash to get the script and music for the play. My good friend, Tom Schulz, is directing the play this year as he is now the drama teacher in the high school. Also, in the top photo, are two teachers at JIS....Virginia Neely, an English teacher, and Gene Magill who is teaching at JIS for his last year (he has been here since the early 80's)....both are really good in the play. The middle photo is Jenny Fontenot, who was one of my students last year. She is playing the lead, and is awesome. The Graham's are going to the play tomorrow afternoon for the 4:00 show.

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Jenny said...

awwwww.. ur awsome too mr. graham!! where are all the other pictures?? i wanna see them one day =)