Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nikon D300

Ok, I know you may think I am crazy. But, I had to have it. I have been reading about the new line of Nikon cameras this past week. I have been a Nikon fan for years, and have always owned their top cameras. Since the digital age, I have owned the D1X, the D70, the D2H and the D2X ( I still have the D70, and use it underwater). And now...Nikon just came out with the D300 and the D3. I really want the D3, but I just can't afford it, and all I have read about the D300, I really don't think I need it. The only differences, really, are the noise levels at high ISO's (incredibly low noise) and of course, the D3 is Nikon's first full frame sensor making it a true 35 mm camera. It looks cooler too (says Tika). But, the D300 is a fantastic camera, and is way better than my current D2X.

So, I went to the camera store today to see if they had any in stock. In the states, they are back-ordered, but here in Jakarta, they had two left in the store. The guy said they were going fast and were very difficult to get. Decision time...I thought about 3 minutes, and then said, "I will take one". My D2X is still in the shop, I am off to Nepal in 5 days, and if I waited one more day, the camera would be gone, and who knows how long I would have to wait for another one to arrive in the store. I will put the D2X up for sale as soon as it comes back from the shop. The guy at the camera store told me I will have no problem selling it, and they would buy it (for a lower price) if I couldn't sell it. I don't think it will be a problem, so I will recoup my money spent on the D300.

I have only taken a few test shots around the house so far, and need to learn the new controls. There is a new 51-point focus system that I need to get used to, and I need to play with the settings to see what the camera can do. I will post some photos tomorrow of the house with the new camera.

Anyway, it has been a fun day playing with my new toy.


Neva said...

For a minute I thought I was reading a female's blog the way you justified the purchase and then I realized -when you said you would sell the one being fixed-that I was wrong. We NEVER get rid of stuff like that! LOL
Hope you get much enjoyment out of you new camera.

quintarantino said...

Lucky you...