Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trek To Chomrong

As usual, we were all up for sunrise at 6:45. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, eggs, Tibetan bread, and oatmeal follows, and then another day of trekking.

The photo below is a cropped version of a panoramic photo I took during sunrise. Photoshop does a really nice job of stitching the 14 photos together, and then blending the skies to finish off the Pano.

About an hour into our trek, we came across this nice little field perched high in the mountains. The frisbee just had to come out...the only thing we had to be careful of is over-throwing as there were steep drop-offs on all sides of the field.

How would you like to work on this farm? Sure would keep you in shape...


quin[tarantino] said...

When were you back, Scotty?
Man, what amazing photos you brought from your holiday. All of them!

Daniel J Santos said...

Fantastic, as usual, photos, thats what I call spending a good time...
With Images

Scotty Graham said...

Hey Guys....nice to see some familiar names back on my blog. Thanks for your kind comments.

I just got back a few days ago, and am trying to catch up with my blog. I have to go through over 1700 photos to find the best to post on the blog. Not an easy task, but will get caught up soon.

Happy New Year to you both!!