Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Everyone Loves Photos

Last week, I had an email exchange from another photographer at Pbase.com from Spain, and she visited my blog, and we shared photo techniques, etc. Her blog is very cool (very full of stuff), and I promised her I would mention her blog on my blog since she provided a link to my blog on her blog....So if you are reading this, MonneyPenny, thanks again for your kindness...

Click here to go to her blog...some great water polo photos..


Piluka said...

Hi Scotty! Thank you very much .. i show in my blog some entries from your blog and i asked, what are happenning? ( i'm a crack writing in english, eh?? ) hahaha, and yes, i love waterpolo. My brother is a coach of a first division waterpolo team , (Waterpolo Navarra) and i do all the pictures of the games they play near Barcelona. We were swimmers and waterpolo players when we were youngs, he was a Olimpic player in Barcelona 92'and now he is a trainer and i only a follow the leage.

Thank you again Scotty.. ah! and your pictures are.. superbs! i love the pictures from childs of your country, and Congratulations for your mother and to all the family for the newborn.

Best Regards.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What a nice picture this is Scotty...
The chap in the middle is thinking... 'I don't remember taking that one'

I'm off now to see some water polo... I hope the horse don't get to wet.:O)